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Shredvotion 10-7-15

It's the middle of the week, most people call it hump day, We call it the third day to make shit happen! Today I've attached a photo of Pat Kern 's trucks. I know I posted them early this year, but there's a lot we can learn from this photo. These trucks to me represent the shred as much as Pat does. Pat wore these down to the point that they could break into pieces. No care for how they look or how much they cost. "Run em til the wheels fall off" is an understatement. Love what you do regardless of any circumstances. I know many people would wait to skate until they got new trucks, not pat. Pat just wants to fly. I admire that so much. Shred this Wednesday as hard as Pat did to these trucks,as hard as he does in his Shred, I promise it will come back to you in full. Peace love and Shred family, and thank you Pat for being a beast