This is where we give you some motivation to help in your own personal shred!

Shredvotion 10-9-15

Happy Friday! As most of you are preparing to end the work week and move to the weekend, I wanted to give you a little motivation to finish out the week. Don't phone this one in! One more day to kill i!t I attached a video, its pretty short, I suggest a watch. This clip is of David Gonzalez a true shredder in every sense of the word. David slid on his side down that bank so many times before he stomped that kickflip. Pretty inspiring, that had to hurt. But, he got back up every time. Every single time. Like it was nothing. He wasn't focused on the fall he was focused on the land. Today is the day to focus on the land. Stomp it and roll away into the weekend knowing you took another step in your life of being a monster! All love family Have a beautiful Friday and remember Peace, Love, and Shred -Jake