This is where we give you some motivation to help in your own personal shred!

Shredvotion 10/5/15

Good morning friends,shredders, and all around animals! Today is the first day of what we call Shredvotion! Shredvotion is an idea a couple of the guys came up with recently to try to help set a shreddy tone for your day. A way to help you find some motivation. Each day they will be different. So we figured that this cold Monday morning would be a good way to start!


Monday 10-5-15
"Everyone wants to be a beast, but not everyone wants to do what beasts do." - Paul McBeth If you don't know who Paul is he is the number 1 ranked Professional Disc Golf player in the world. The word dominant is an understatement for Paul. His work ethic is his shred. I always think about that quote above. In order to be the best you have to be willing to do what others aren't. Hard work, focus and dedication drive the beast within. So on this Monday morning as you are sipping your coffee, getting ready for work, school, if your staying home with your kids, or if you are out there trying to make your dreams happen, just remember you are a beast and you can do what beasts do! Peace Love and Shred