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Shredvotion 10 -12-15

Shredvotion 10-12-15

Happy Monday shredders! Its another beautiful day to achieve your goals. I attached a photo of our Certificate of Organization from the state of Minnesota. To me this photo represents a step towards the achievement of our goals. Every goal we have takes steps. Our's began with a conversation,the littlest and easiest of the steps, and continued on into a long several year journey to where we are now. Each step has its own challenges and adversities. Some may be hard and some may be easy but taking them is the most important part. As long as you keep taking steps towards your goals you will certainly have an awesome adventure. Everyone has their own adventure to tackle, it burns inside of them, whether they would like to admit it or not. Today is the day you take another step toward shredding you dreams. Live your adventure. Peace Love and Shred -Jake