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shredvotion 10-16-15

Shredvotion 10/16/2015
Happy Friday family! The weekend is upon you! I hope this week has been edifying and productive. I hope that you have attacked it with your own special blend of skills. Here's a photo of Richie Jackson, he has his own special blend of skills and quirks.This dude has style! Being yourself is so important, not only for yourself but because it makes the world a more beautiful place. Originality, uniqueness, and individuality, are all things that drive your shred toward being a true representation of your soul. They push the collective to a more unique and diversified wholeness. Get out there this friday and be as YOU as you can possibly be. The more YOU the better. I love all you weirdos, it pushes me to be more of me too! 
Have peace, be love, and shred everything