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Shredvotion 10-19-15

Shredvotion 10-19-15
Happy Monday! Its going to be a beautiful week. Ive attached a video of a young girl from Brazil heelflipping this 3 stair. There are several things I love about this video and they are perfect lessons to charge in to this week with. The first and I think the most important is Don't let anyone tell you that you can't do something. The second things I noticed in this video is obviously her ability and want to get back up over and over until she got what she wanted. And finally, be yourself. The dress and white shoes combo looks great on footy if you ask me! Charge into this week with a similar attitude. You can do what you want,get back up if something knocks you down and dont forget to be yourself through the whole process! Happy monday family have a beautiful day!
Peace, Love, Shred