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Shredvotion 10-20-15

Shredvotion 10-20-15
Happy Tuesday shredders! Today is going to be a beautiful day! Charge into today with some soul! Some Fire! Bring the heat! Positive attitudes and  positive intentions burn like fire. The more you fan the flames the more it spreads. There is someone you are going to interact with today that needs some of that heat. Keep it stoked. Fan the flames of inspiration. If you see someone today and you think to yourself "they could use some soul fire" share some. Carry some beautiful smiles around with you today and see the bloom like flowers. If you feel your heat start to dim find someone else with some fire, get a hug, give a hug, smile, grin, laugh, tell a joke, shake a hand, share an Idea, keep it burning. 
I know you can. We all can. All we need is love
Peace Love and Shred family
I love you all