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Shredvotion 10-23-15

Shredvotion 10-23-15
Happy Friday! Today is your day! You've killed it this week. Great Job! Thank you for being you! Start today off with a smile. Today is the day you charge after a new idea. Be the start of a new tidal wave. Be the energy that begins an avalanche of change. You have profound thoughts waiting to be shared with the world. All week you've welled up your skills, you've practiced, you've fallen, scuffed some knees, and now you're ready to charge. This day is the day that you share your ideas with the world. Amazing things will happen. The wave will swell. The avalanche will build. Your thoughts will become action and continue to build into something larger than before. Believe in yourself this Friday. Start the slide. Remember the avalanche was once a small snowflake.
Peace,Love, and Shred