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Shredvotion 10-26-15

Shredvotion 10/26/2015

HAAPPPPYYYYYYY MONDAY FAMILY!!! I hope your weekend was beautiful. I hope it was restful and peaceful. But today is Monday it's your day! Time to start this week with power. Take a leap instead of a step. Well up the extra energy today to go the extra mile. Reconnect with the things that make you YOU. You have a beautiful soul, let it breathe! Grab a positive attitude, walk out the door, and know you are about to champion this day. Shred the whole thing from start to finish. Remind yourself of all the things you are great at! You are a boss. You are even great at the little things. Look how good you brush your teeth! What a champ. Step up to today with your gloves on. Use that left hook. When adversity daunts you duck and jab twice. Use the mistakes as an opportunity to learn how to do things better next time. Always keep that positive attitude. Today is your day! I know you can. 
Peace Love and Shred