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Shredvotion 10-30-15

Shredvotion 10-30-2015

Happy Friday Family! You've dominated this week. Now it's time for a big finale. When a skateboarder films a video part there's always an epic final trick. Today is the day for your ender. Make this weeks video part epic. Think about all the other things you've accomplished this week and use them to motivate you for this final banger. I know this big one can be intimidating but you've got it! Follow all of the steps you've practiced. Well up some courage. Know that you are a beast. Focus is key. You are knowledgeable. You are strong. You are creative. Today is the day that you make a big jump. Think outside the box. This is the day that defines your week. Conquer the unconquerable and coast into the weekend knowing you made things happen. You are an animal. No one can stop you. Be persistent. Don't quit until you've succeeded. Give yourself something to celebrate this weekend. I know you can. You are a champ
Peace, Love, and Shred