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Shredvotion 11-23-15

Shredvotion 11-23-15


Happy Monday Shredders! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. It's the start of another week so kick some ass! Let's start this week off with some power. Time to shred. Get out the door today with a killer attitude. You are going to be the best at everything today. Projects done early, garbage taken out, laundry folded and a big smile through it all. When we create a winning culture in our daily routine it spreads into the rest of our life. Choosing to be on top of our game in the little moments transfers into the bigger ones. Make being the best your default choice. Sleeping in is nice. Being ten steps ahead is nicer. If we can create a winning culture in our day to day tackling the big goals becomes easier. It no longer becomes a battle of getting to the goal but how can I most effectively and efficiently get through the goal. Create a solutions based attitude. The less time we spend daunted by our goals the more time we can spend wrestling with them. Today is your day family. You are beautiful. You are powerful. Step out the door today a winner. And never forget

Peace, Love, and Shred