This is where we give you some motivation to help in your own personal shred!

Shredvotion 11-9-15

Happy Monday family! You are beautiful! Sorry for missing this weekends shredvotions. KOS was on vacation! Now after a nice rest we are back and ready to help you bring the heat. Monday can be a rough day for some. The stress of returning to a job that you don't quite enjoy. Maybe you have a paper to write or a class to attend and you feel like your future is so far away. Well I'm here to tell you that this Monday is your day to change that feeling wherever it resides in your life. Look at each of these moments as an opportunity to gain ground and become better for the days in front of you. Enjoy these moments. Especially the frustrating ones. They are frustrating for you for a reason. Its hard stone that sharpens the knife, not the soft butter that it cuts through effortlessly. Today is a test. A preparation for the battles ahead. If you can face it with courage, humility, and intelligence I promise that no matter the challenge you will be better for it tomorrow. Monday can be rough but in the right lens Monday is opportunity.
Seize that opportunity
I love you all ,Have a beautiful day
Peace Love and Shred