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Shredvotion 12-2-15

Shredvotion 12-2-15


Happy Wednesday family! You are beautiful. You are powerful. Take care of your body today. Physical health helps promote mental health. Before you rush out the door to greet your day take some time to stretch. Drink a big glass of water. Jog if you can. Maybe park your car in the back of the lot today. Get your blood flowing. Eat healthy. Give your brain some proper fuel. You've been grinding hard this week. Time to gas up. A lot of people in the business of their life find it hard to fit in physical activity. Remind yourself this Wednesday that that's not you. There are so few things in life we have complete control over. How we treat our own health is one of them. Gain some positive energy today by respecting your body. Know that you are doing what you need to do to be health, happy, and strong.

Have a great day shredders

Have Peace. Be love. Shred everything.