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Shedvotion 12/21/15

Shredvotion 12-21-15

Happy Monday family! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Learn something new today. As we progress through life the student mentality can slip away from us. We become better at the skills we've learned, satisfied that we've discovered enough of what we need to know. Or maybe we feel we don't have time to explore something new. Today is a perfect day to remember that you are always tasked to learn. Even the most skilled practitioner has room to grow and new tidbits to explore. Read something new this morning, practice an old skill in a new way, or read about an idea you've never thought to look into. The world is full of wonderful information. Its easy to lax in our exploration when access to knowledge is as easy as a google search. I challenge you to engage your brain today. Humble yourself with the mountain of things that you do not know. Walk in the steps of the student. Soak in as much as you can and share it with everyone around you. Knowledge is power. Benjamin Franklin said "An investment in knowledge pays the best interest." So add some learning tokens to your brain account this morning and give yourself ammunition to be the best shredder you can be. Have a powerful Monday morning you beautiful creatures. And dont forget
Peace, Love, and Shred