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Shredvotion 12-3-15

Shredvotion 12-3-15


Happy Thursday Family! You are beautiful. You are powerful. Take some risks today. Get out of your comfort zone. Push yourself beyond your regular capacities. Progression happens when we are willing to put ourselves out there and try things we've never tried before. Whether you are learning a new trick on your skateboard or trying watercolor painting you can't get any better unless you get out there and make some attempts. Its easy to get comfortable doing what you've always done. But a true shredder needs to become bigger than they are. Take this beautiful Thursday and push yourself above and beyond your normal reaches. Inspire the people around you by showing courage over fear. You are an animal. Stay focused. Don't quit if you mess up. Know that sometimes you have to fall to learn to jump. Take the lessons you learn today and start all over again tomorrow knowing that you will always be a student.

and never forget.

Have Peace. Be Love. Shred Everything