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Shredvotion 12-8-15

Shredvotion 12-8-15


Happy Tuesday family! I hope you knocked a few things off your list yesterday. Keep at it! Take some time today to focus on your health. Both mental and physical. Do some stretches, get out and jog, or maybe read a book. Sometimes our busy schedules can make it easy to forget about taking care of ourselves. Challenge yourself today to put some time in to your own well being. Drink lots of water. Even try to eat healthy. I know you can. If we want to shred at full capacity our minds and our bodies need to be at full tilt. Primed and prepared for the tasks ahead. Dedication to your health fosters self worth which then passes on into everything that you do. If you value your health you are more likely to value everything else you are doing as well. Keep at it you animals. You are beautiful and powerful. Stay fit and never forget

Have Peace. Be Love. Shred Everything