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Shredvotion 12-9-15

Shredvotion 12-9-15


Happy Wednesday family! You're cruising through this week. Keep knocking down your list. Stay light-hearted today. Life can get pretty serious sometimes. Today is a perfect day to have some fun. Do something with no other intention than to spread some joy. Tell a joke, get somebody a coffee, or share a happy story. Create an uplifting enviroment. Know that when you share a positive feeling it circles around into the world around you. Uplifting others helps them do the same. With terrible news, media, and the angry sentiments high in the world right now its more important than ever to build a positive community. We are all in this thing together. Share the load. It's in the little moments that we create momentum. I'm pulling for you you beautiful people. Love is power. You are powerful.

Peace Love and Shred