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Shredvotion 1-26-16

Shredvotion 1-26-15

Happy Tuesday shredders! Make the best of today. The great Italian poet Cesare Pavese once said "We do not remember days. We remember moments." The art of living in each moment is a difficult one. Create some lasting memories today. Seize each interaction as a chance to build a lasting memory. Bringing your coworker a coffee or telling a loved one how much you appreciate them can move someone in a whole new direction. There's positivity to be found in every corner that we explore. Cooking a great meal, holding the door, or dusting off your neighbors car in the snow before they head to work are all small things thing that can build lasting memories. Take some time to engage your shred as well. Relish in the love you have for your pursuit. Let it fill you up with all the joy it can. You aren't guaranteed tomorrow and you sure aren't going back to yesterday so seize the opportunities you have right now. A true shredder tries to find their best in every moment with a sense of peace and a want to share love. Building a brighter world is done in the trenches of every day moments. Not in the deserts of inaction. Have a wonderful day family. Enjoy every moment for the beautiful gift that it is. Share that love with everyone around you and never forget
Have Peace, Be Love, and Shred Everything