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Shredvotion 1/4/16

Shredvotion 1-4-16

Happy Monday shredders! Since we don't normally post on holiday's or weekends it's the first shredvotion of the New Year!
Exciting times are ahead. 2016 I'm sure will shape up to be an incredible year. With all the progress in the world during 2015 I don't know how it couldn't. From cancer research breakthroughs to stem cell production the world is moving forward in leaps and bounds. So today on this beautiful Monday set your feet towards some mighty goals. What do you wish to achieve in 2016? What is your great white wale? As you return from winter break and holiday celebrations ask yourself what mountains you want to climb. If you are already in ascent, if the year has been long and the peak seems so far away, then dig deep and find the footholds you need to take to reach the summit. Every shredder has a dream. A skill or task that they wish to learn. It may be as simple as a new trick on your board or as large as becoming your own boss. Take that dream to the front lines today. Face it with a fury you have never shown before. Face your foe with courage and peace of mind. You are a shredder and that means you don't let up until you get where you are trying to go. Have a wonderful day family. You are beautiful and powerful creatures. Today is your day
Peace Love and Shred