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Shredvotion 1/5/16

Shredvotion 1-5-16

Happy Tuesday shredders! It's another beautiful day to be alive. You've set your intentions for the new year now it's time to find some focus. Focus is the fuel for your engine. All the goals and tasks you wish to achieve are nothing without focus. So as you set your dreams in front of you today zone in to the moment at hand. Fixate yourself on every piece of the puzzle. Organize all the parts. Look at each step of the process. Create a check list for yourself of everything you need to do so that as those moments arrive you will already be prepared mentally to accomplish them. There are so many distractions available to us from cellphones to internet. They can be useful tools but also can become burdensome stones in your path to success. Know what distracts you. Set it aside as you begin down you long road. Only use those tools when they are necessary for the task at hand. A how-to video on kickflips or a backhand drive is a better use of your time than scrolling down the facebook feed seeing what food people photographed the night before. It is you and only you that will propel yourself to where you want to go. So put on the right shoes, tie them up tight, and know that you have a long walk ahead. It's a wonderful day to get after it today family. You are beautiful powerful people. You can cultivate the focus you need to do what you love. Enjoy the grind and never forget
Have Peace, Be Love, and Shred Everything