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Shredvotion 1-8-16

Shredvotion 1-8-15

Happy Friday shredders. You made it through another week. Great job! Keep today creative. In the pursuit of your shred it is easy to want to copy the people you idolize. In order to learn something new there is usually some aspect of emulation. Try to take some time out of your day to make your shred personal. Find what stokes your fire. What inspires you? Creativity can be a fickle fellow. It's even down right elusive. When the roadblocks hit try some simpler forms of innovation to get things flowing like coloring, scribbling down rhyming words or paging through your bag of tricks that you already know. Inspiration can strike at any moment. Keeping an open mind to the world around you can help you escape the dogmas of repetition. The world is a beautiful and diverse place. Don't become confined to the parameters of others. Build your own work of art. If we all were the same imagine how boring the world would be. Everyone wearing the same clothing, saying the same things, eating the same foods. That to me sounds like a world of grayness and drear. Be the stroke of color in your universe. Paint every moment into a beautiful masterpiece. You are beautiful powerful creatures with the know-how and ability to create an engaging and magnificent world for us all. Have an edifying day and never forget
Have Peace, Be Love, and Shred Everything