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Shrevotion 2-10-16

Shredvotion 2-10-16

Good morning shredders and Happy Wednesday! Today I wanted to talk about Daewon Song. Daewon is arguably the most creative skater of all time. He has been a professional for nearly 24 years. He is a co-owner of Almost skateboards with the great Rodney Mullen. He still skates for the company. He was also honored with Thrasher Magazines Skater of the Year award in 2006. The biggest thing we can learn from Daewon is staying true to your own style. He has pushed the limits of skateboarding every year since he started. From crazy table skating to intense never been done flip tricks to the more recent out of this world trickery that I cannot even begin to describe properly with words. Check him out on instagram (@DAEWON1SONG) to understand better. Daewon never let the mainstream skateboard style force him into a box. He still continues to push the limits of style and creativity to this day. At age 40 he is one of the most enjoyable people to watch on a skateboard. His shredder mentality has never been stopped by age, culture, or injury. We can all as shredders take a page out of Daewon's book and stay true to ourselves. Let your passion and creativity flow today unobstructed. Feel inspired to be who you are and do what you love. Daewon is one of my favorites and I hope you can take some time to enjoy some of his style today. Let it inspire you to blaze your own trail, push your shred to new limits, and always be true to yourself. Have a wonderful day family! You have the power and ability to be exactly who you want to be. Enjoy the joy creativity brings you and never forget
Have Peace, Be Love, and Shred Everything!