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Shredvotion 2-16-16

Shredvotion 2-16-16
Good morning shredders and happy Tuesday! I hope you had a nice long weekend and an enjoyable couple of holidays! Today's shredvotion is about the Jackson Hole Air Force. Jackson Hole Air Force is a club of skiers based out of Jackson Hole resort started by Benny Wilson. JHAF was known for their out of bounds antics, deadly lines, chases with ski patrol, and overall love for the shred. The club was started with the intentions of exploring the vast terrain of Jackson Hole and the opening of boundaries created by the resorts. They were a secret group of guys that didn't like the resorts ideas of where they could and couldn't ski. They ran from ski patrol and even police. You couldn't join on your own you had to be asked. Signified by a patch worn on their jackets marked with a skull crossed with poles and the phrase Swift, Silent, and Deep. We can learn a lot from this group of guys. To stay true to your beliefs, fight for what you think is right, and always stay true to the shred. Ride swift, go heavy, and look for that deep sweet powder. If you are at all interested in their story check out the movie Swift Silent and Deep. There's lots more awesome stories I couldn't fit in this post. These guys faced a lot adversity and eventually in 1998 the resorts opened access to anyone who was willing to face the technical terrain. They are much more of a fraternity of shredders now. Still riding the steeps and having fun. They inspire me and I hope they can inspire you too. Have a wonderful day family. You have the power and ability to chase your goals and shred just how you want. Enjoy the thrill and never forget
Have Peace, Be Love, and Shred EVERYTHING