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Shredvotion 2-17-16

Shredvotion 2-17-16

Good morning shredders and happy Wednesday! Today's shredvotion is about Paul McBeth. Paul McBeth is the number one rated disc golfer in the world. He's sponsored by Innova discs and Adidas. He has played the highest rated round in recorded disc golf. He is the 4 time PDGA world champion. He has 20 1st place tournament finishes in 2015, never placing below third. Basically he's an animal. In fact they call him McBeast. If you watch any videos about him he will openly admit that the reason he is so good is because he puts in the work. He's quoted saying "Everyone wants to be a beast but nobody wants to do what beasts do." Paul understands that practice, hard work and dedication are the focal points to being a champion. He is constantly setting new records and pushing himself to be the best at his craft. Every shredder can learn a few lessons from Paul. Practice makes perfect, you always have room for improvement and goals are attainable with hard work and dedication. Whether you disc golf, paint, cycle, snowboard, or like to knit, those rules can apply to everyone. We can all gain the same focus and respect towards our own personal shreds. Have a wonderful day family. I hope that Paul's dedication to his craft can inspire you to push yourself and become your own beast. Enjoy the grind and never forget

Have Peace, Be Love, and Shred Everything!