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Shredvotion 2-19-16

Shredvotion 2-19-16
Good morning shredders and happy Friday! Today's shredvotion is about the great Kelly Slater. Kelly is the most dominant competitive surfer in the history of surfing. He has won 11 World Surf League Championships, also being the youngest at age 20 and the oldest at age 39 to hold the title. He has 54 World Championship Tour victories as well as countless other awards. Kelly grew up with a rough childhood and took to the beach to get away from his troubles at home. He has spent so much time in the oceans that many consider him to be an expert of ocean currents and wave movements. Basically Kelly loves to surf. In fact he loves to surf so much he has been known to ditch out on competition if he knows the waves are better somewhere else. He has an incredible amount of passion. Passion that I hope all of us shredders can be inspired by. He is an avid protector of the ocean landscape. He's affiliated with several ocean preservation organizations and is on the board of advisors for the Ocean Advocacy Advisory Board. Kelly has devoted his life to his shred. He pursues it with passion and love. All of us shredders can take inspiration from his dedication to every aspect of his shred. Not just enjoying but preserving what he loves. I hope all of us as shredders can look at people like Kelly and find ways to apply the same passion and love to our own shred. Helping people learning, improving the environment in which we shred, and sharing our knowledge with anyone and everyone who would like to listen. Have a wonderful day family. You have the power and ability to inspire passion and drive with your shred to everyone around you. Enjoy the sense of community it brings you and never forget,
Have Peace, Be Love, and Shred Everything