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Shredvotion 2-26-16

Shredvotion 2-26-16

Good morning shredders and Happy Friday! Today's shredvotion is about Kevin Pearce. Kevin Pearce is a snowboarder from New Hampshire. He was Shaun White's biggest competition in the early to mid 2000's. He also helped bring the double cork to the pipe as well as being a multiple x games medalist. Kevin sustained a serious traumatic brain injury in 2009 during a training session in Park City Utah. He spent several years in recovery. During this time Kevin thought he would be able to return to competition eventually but as the years went on he came to realize that his brain had not fully recovered. He now spends his days advocating for children to wear helmets. His foundation Love Your Brain also helps support people with brain injuries. They have tons of different programs such as Yoga, Camps for kids, and public education outreach programs. Kevin took a terrible situation, one that most of us shredders shudder to think about, one that could at any moment affect us all, and turned it into a positive. Instead of letting his injury consume his life he used it as a positive to help other shredders. He uses his influence as a snowboarder to improve the lives of so many people. He's a true shredder through and through. When he couldn't shred like he used to he chose to help others who shred. We can all learn a lot from Kevin. If you are at all interested in getting involved with Love Your Brain go to Take a page out of Kevin's book today and use your knowledge and skills to help improve someone else's situation. Look at your mistakes and help someone else to not do the same. Have a wonderful Friday family. You have the power and ability to make the best of every situation. Enjoy the profound affects it has on the community around you and never forget

Have Peace, Be Love, and Shred Everything