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Shredvotion 2-8-16

Shredvotion 2-8-16


Good Morning shredders and Happy Monday! Today I wanted to start something new with the shredvotions. I'm going to try and focus on different shredders, places to shred, events, and shred charities that we can learn lessons from and use to motivate us in our own personal shred. So today I'd like to start with an extremely accomplished shredder that we've lost recently, Dave Mirra. Growing up a lot of us watched the xgames and if you did you definitely remember Dave. He was a high flying bmxer who through his career won 24 x games medals. His 14 golds came only second to Shawn White. He was the first to double backflip in competition. He pioneered the no hander tricks. Basically Dave was an animal. He shredded harder than most of us can imagine. He invented tricks, he inspired thousands of young kids and he definitely lived his life on the edge. After his career Dave started a charity for children who want to learn Bmx. We can learn a lot from him about passion and perseverance. When he had a goal he set focus to it and achieved. He used his shred not only to further himself, but his sport, his family, and the whole shred community around him. As we hear more about what happened to Dave most recently with his depression I think its important to focus on the amazing life he lived and all of his accomplishments and lessons he gave us. I hope he can inspire you today as you go out into the world and pursure you own personal shred. Have an awesome day family and never forget

Have Peace, Be Love, and Shred Everything