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Shredvotion 3-1-16

Shredvotion 3-1-16

Good morning shredders and happy Tuesday! Today's shredvotion is about Paul Rodriguez. Most people call him P-Rod so for the sake of saving characters I'm going to as well. P-Rod started skating as a young kid. His father is a famous comedian and he would bring his board everywhere as he traveled around to different shows with his dad. He skated all the time. He was first sponsored in 1999 and flourished from there. He's been on some of the biggest teams in skateboard history including City Stars, Girl, Plan B, and most famously Nike. He has released 8 different Nike shoes over his career and is essentially the face of the brand. He's known for his ability to skate switch without anyone being able to tell that he's riding the opposite way. He is a dominate force in competition and has put out some of the greatest video parts of all time. P-Rod has been consumed by his shred. Aside from his family its the biggest focus in his life. He owns his own skate brand now called Primitive Skateboarding, hes part owner of Anadale bearings and the beer brand St. Archer Brewing. He's been a professional skater for nearly 20 years and is still a top finisher in most competitions. He's left a legacy in the skate community rivaled by very few. If there was a mount rushmore of skateboarding he'd surely be on it. P-Rod is a prime example that if you can find focus in your shred you can do amazing things. His hard work and dedication has progressed not only his own skating but the skateboard community as whole. We as shredders can learn a lot from his example. That every step of hard work can translate in to things we could never imagine. Your shred can take you to amazing heights and help you do amazing things. Have a wonderful day family. I hope that P-Rod's story can help inspire you in your shred. Enjoy the path you are on and never forget

Have Peace, Be Love, and Shred Everything