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Shredvotion 3-11-16

Shredvotion 3-11-16

Good morning shredders and Happy Friday! Today's shredvotion is about Mr.Rogers. There's a lot of urban legends about Mr. Rogers so I thought it would be fun to dispel a few of them and show you how much of a shredder he truly was. If you don't know who Mr.Rogers was here's some information about him. He was a famous children's television star. He was a puppeteer, educator, Presbyterian minister, composer, songwriter, author and activist. He was the creator and host of the show "Mr.Rogers neighborhood" and an avid activist for the rights of children. Mr.Rogers was never in the military as some urban legends have asserted. He got into his job on the show because he was strongly discouraged by the way that television looked to use children to sell products through advertising. He didn't like the example that television was setting for children as well. Roger's has received the congressional medal of freedom and a Peabody award. Mr. Rogers saw something he did not like about the world around him and chose to do something about it. He didn't just sit at home and complain about it or ramble on to his friends about how it should change. He actually got up and used his skills to make a difference. That to me is one of the biggest skills any shredder should want to acquire, the ability to use our shred to make the world a brighter place. Mr.Roger's advocated for children on television every week, in front of the senate, and in front of the supreme court. He was unwavering in his belief that children deserved a better example of the world than the one they may have been presented. I could go on and on about his accomplishments but what I'd like for you to take from this is that a shredder doesn't always need a board, or a bike, or climbing gear, or a guitar or even a sport. What they need is to find passion in the skills and attributes they've acquired through their shred and use them to do good in the world around us. I hope that Mr.Rogers story can inspire you to find new and out of the box ways to positively share your shred with the whole world around you. Its a wonderful day to be alive family. You have the power and ability to do enormous things if you set your mind and your shred towards it. Enjoy the joy it brings you and never forget

Have Peace, Be Love, and SHRED EVERYTHING