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Shredvotion 3-14-16

Shredvotion 3-14-16

Good morning shredders and happy Friday! Today's shredvotion is about Boards for bros. Boards for Bro's is a charity started in 2006 that collects used skateboard parts as well as donations from major skateboard manufacturing companies to create complete skateboard set ups for under privileged kids. They also help to build safe places to skate and offer mentorship programs for the community. They host different events throughout the year to raise money to build these skateboards and also take donations of slightly used decks. Boards for Bros saw an opportunity to use the shred they love as a vehicle to build up the community around them. They are a wonderful example of how to use your shred to help grow the community and ultimately are helping to grow skateboarding as a whole. We as shredders can look to their example and find new and interesting ways to share our shred as well. If you are a disc golfer you can stack up the used discs you don't use and give them out to kids at your local course. Or really any shred that requires new equipment can save what isn't ruined and share it with people who are just getting started or can't afford it. If you are interested in donating to boards for bros you can go here, Its a wonderful day to be alive family. You have the power and ability to grow and build your shred by sharing with the people around you. Enjoy the memories it makes and never forget

Have Peace, Be Love, and Shred Everything