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Shredvotion 3-17-16

Shredvotion 3-17-16

Good morning shredders and happy Thursday! Today's shredvotion is about Chloe Kim. Chloe is a professional snowboarder sponsored by Target, Monster, Burton, Oakley, Mammoth, GoPro, US Snowboarding, and Bose. She's only 16 years old and has 5 X games gold medals and one silver medal. She first came on to the scene at age 13 where she qualified for the u.s Olympic team but wasn't allowed to compete because the minimum age is 15. She beat several people twice her age. Chloe is a monster on a snowboard. She blasts massive airs with lots of style. She was the first women to do back to back 1080's in a run and on the same run she scored a perfect 100 score. Chloe doesn't let her age or pressure get to her. You can see in interviews and on the sidelines she is all smiles. Her only goal during competition is to do the best that she can do and let's the chips fall where they may. She hypes up the people around her competing and always keeps a positive attitude. We as shredders can learn a lot from Chloe. That age doesn't dictate hardwork and that no matter how serious your shred gets you should always look back to why you started in the first place, fun. So as you go to your discgolf tournaments in the next week, you hit the gym, roll on the mats, skate the park, bake up some bread, or knit a new sweater, remember why you started in the first place as well, fun. Hype the people around you. The better they get the better you will get. A stronger community builds a stronger shredder. Its a wonderful day to be alive family. I hope Chloe can inspire you to keep the smiles up and reach for the stars today. Enjoy the happiness and passion your shred brings you and never forget

Have Peace, Be Love, and Shred EVERYTHING!