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Shredvotion 3-3-16

Shredvotion 3-3-16
Good morning shredders and Happy Thursday! Today's shredvotion is about Mark "The Gonz" Gonzales. The Gonz is the pioneer of street skateboarding. He came on the pro scene at age 14 and was on the cover of Thrasher Magazine in November 1984. Gonz ollied the first major gap in skateboarding in San Francisco it was so influential it was forever called "The Gonz gap" He with fellow skater Natas Kaupas were the first ever to skate a handrail. He was also the first to Kickflip "The Gonz gap" and was the first man to ever do the Wallenburg set. If you don't know what Wallenburg is go on youtube search Wallenburg and just try to imagine being the first person to jump down that. He also started Blind skateboards as well as Krooked skateboards. He is also still an ambassador for Adidas skateboards. Gonz is the ultimate pioneer. He saw the world around him as a different place. Can you imagine being the first person to think about going down a handrail? Or ollie a gap? Gonz started it all. He blazed a trail of his own. We as shredders should strive to be like Gonz, blazing our own path and finding our own version of the handrail. He was never dictated by dogmatic ideas but by his love for art and the world around him. Its a wonderful day to be alive family! I hope that Gonz can inspire you to create your own art and blaze your own trail. Enjoy the creativity, inspiration, and exhilaration that new discovery brings you and never forget
Have Peace Be Love and Shred Everything