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Shredvotion 3-31-16

Shredvotion 3-31-16

Good morning shredders and happy Thursday! Today's shredvotion is about High Cascade snowboard and summer camp. High cascade is a snowboard camp at Mt hood Oregon. They offer different Summer and Winter camps all related to snowboarding and snowboard filming. Each year they have a set of camp sessions each hosted by different pros and pro teams. Giving kids a chance to be around other snowboarders and learn from the best in the world. High cascade is a prime example of a way you can use your shred to help the shred community. Keeping the kids excited breeds new blood into the sport and keeps the spirit alive. We as shredders can learn a lot from high cascade. Sharing the shred is sometimes just as important as the shred itself. The camp has helped to shape many sponsored snowboarders and competitors. Take some time today to help share your shred with somebody else. Who knows maybe you will spark the creative fire in the next greatest shredder of our time. Enjoy the beautiful day and never forget

Have Peace Be love and Shred Everything