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Shredvotion 3-8-16

Shredvotion 3-8-16

Good morning shredders and Happy Tuesday! Today's shredvotion is about Allan Law. Allan was a teacher in the Minneapolis school district for 32 years. He spent an incredible amount of time with underprivileged youth. Over the years of his teaching he got involved in after school programs, mentorship, and weekend community organizing. He retired in 1999. Upon retiring he decided to devote his time to combating homelessness. He has spent the last 16 years delivering sandwiches on a nightly basis. He drives the streets of Minneapolis from 9pm to 10am every single night delivering sandwiches, blankets, gloves, and other necessities to the homeless. He delivers well over a half a million sandwiches a year. He does all of this out of his mini van where he sleeps in the front seat roughly 3 hours a day. He spends the days collecting sandwiches from different charities in the area. He has continued to do all this through arthritis and prostate cancer. Alan continues to do this every day and insists that no medical disability will stop him from helping those in need. Alan's shred is helping people. He does it beyond the stretches of his rational abilities. He chooses to put others before himself. The side of his van is painted with the words "Love one another" We as shredders can learn a lot from Alan, to make the hard choices when it comes to doing whats right, and that there is always good to be found in the abilities we have. He learned through the years how to connect with people that have been forgotten and in learning this he turned around and shared it with his community. The more we can be like Alan the better of this whole world will be. Have a wonderful day family. You have the power and ability to have a direct effect on the world around you through the skills and talents you have learned through your shred. Take those opportunities today to share your shred with other people and use what you've learned to improve the lives of everyone you know you can use it. Enjoy the warmth it brings you and never forget

Have Peace, BE LOVE, and Shred Everything!