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Shredvotion 3-9-16

Shredvotion 3-9-16

Good morning shredders and Happy Wednesday! Today's shredvotion is about Aaron "Jaws" Homoki. Jaws is a professional skateboarder sponsored by Birdhouse skateboards. He has been on the cover of Thrasher magazine and most recently made skateboard history sending a massive ollie down the infamous Lyon 25 stair. Jaws is not your average skater. His style is not dictated by the tricks that other people are doing. Growing up with an artist father Jaws learned to be himself. During his youth when he became interested in skateboarding his father helped build him a skatepark in their backyard. Jaws is known for his ability to take big drops which is incredibly impressive. But what I think is the most impressive about him is that he's never changed who he is. When jaws is out filming he likes to ride with his friends. Its not about being around the "coolest" or most notable skaters its about being around people who feed him with positivity. He rides the spots that he likes and not the ones that the skateboard community has dictated are the spots you "have to" skate. He has his own flavor and his own style. We as shredders can learn a lot from Jaws. Having a goal in site and pushing to achieve it is a true shredder mindset. When he made it down the Lyon 25 stair he shocked the skateboard world. No person has ever made it down. Ali Boulala made an infamous attempt down the set many years ago and most people considered to be impossible. Not for Jaws. After several horrifying falls, major slams, 2 different trips and a blown out knee. Jaws in front of his father, friends, and Ali was able to make it down and ride away. Jaws is an animal. He is one of the most inspiring skaters to me. His attitude and tenacity is exactly what we at kings of shred celebrate. He continues to follow his dreams no matter what and you should too. Its a beautiful day to be alive family. You have the power and ability to set your sights on any goal and push until you succeed. Enjoy the power it brings you and never forget

Have Peace, Be Love, and SHRED EVERYTHING!