Leagues Info

Kings of Shred 2016 Disc Golf League Info

This years league will be most Sundays in the metro area

Registration opens at 10 am each Sunday and ends at 11 am

A round can be started before 11 am as long as there are at least 3 people on the card

At 11 am there will be a Disc Raffle followed by Tee off

There will be a possibility of 2 divisions this year. Intermediate and Advanced

Intermediate buy in will be $5

Advanced buy in will be $8

Their will also be an optional $1 Closest to the Pin ,an optional $1 Ace race and an included USED-disc CTP

Advanced division is required for anyone rated 940 or above. It can also be played by anyone rated under 940 but is REQUIRED for anyone rated above it

Groups can be a mix of both divisions

Intermediate division will have $10 removed to pay for disc raffle. Advanced division will not include disc raffle. Both divisions automatically included in used disc CTP.

Payouts will be 2/3 towards first place and 1/3 towards second place for each division.

All disputes (IE out of bounds ect.) Are to be determined by the card with a vote. If a tie breaker vote is needed mark the card continue play and consult Joe Tracy at the end of the round for a tie breaker vote.

Scheduled Courses can be found under the New Events tab on the bottom of this browser